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Painters Calgary | Paint Isn’t Just For Colour, It Also Protects Your Home

Painters Calgary | When we think of paint, many of us have our favorite colours come to mind. While painting your homes interior or exterior may be a great way to add value & curb appeal, replenishing your homes’ shine Isn’t the only benefit to painting your home. </br>
Bow West Painting Limited (BWPL) uses paint that lasts longer than many other conventional paints. Quality paint also reflects harmful UV rays which often hurt your wood, vinyl, or metal siding on the exterior of your home. With the added layer of protection from a high-quality paint that BWPL’s Painters Calgary use in your home, you can rest assured the paint is going to last longer and look even better over the long-term.

While protecting the exterior of the home is a major concern for many homeowners, the benefits do not end the moment you step in the door. A new coat of paint inside your home can also help minimize the amount of dust, dirt, and allergens in your home. Another added benefit is the moisture seal your new coat of paint provides for your walls. If moisture were to get into your walls, the amount of mold that could build up in a relatively short period of time could end up in having to remove entire sections of your walls.

A fresh coat of paint helps ensure that moisture is locked out and your homes’ walls are a lot safer from moisture build up. Which ensures a cleaner and safer space for you and your family.

To support the importance of proper sealing with quality painting, we spoke to Steven, a restoration expert, at Streamside Property Restoration Ltd to learn more about how often his company is called in for water damage related issues in bathrooms and what exactly some of the negative effects are for Calgary home owners. Steven had this to say:

Usually 1 to 3 times per week we run into water related bathroom issues. The negative effects, well, if it’s not handled properly or dried out, it leads to a multitude of issues. It could be a mold issue, if it is a repeated issue that is a leaky pipe in a wall that is unforeseen then it could lead to a multitude of damages, be it structural, be it damage below, if the water is on an upper floor it leads to issues below.

We also asked Steven what the average costs is for Streamside Property Restoration to manage such a water damage related bathroom issue. Steven responded, “Anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.”

Moisture problems occur the most in your bathrooms. Moisture runoff from your shower can often end up on the floor and if the walls and trim aren’t sealed properly with a paint coating that is correctly done, the water will quickly start moving into the wood trim and walls, causing you problems that nobody wants to have.

We spoke to local flooring expert Ryan from Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring to learn more about the best types of water resistant flooring that people can use in their bathrooms. Ryan had this to say:

         “The most popular now is vinyl tile or vinyl plank. Within that there are a couple different formats that it come’s in. Typically the two that are most common are either a glue-down vinyl plank or a click vinyl plank. Both are suited for the bathroom, they’re just installed different ways and they will typically give you a different look depending on what you are going for.

         The glue-down products are definitely more aimed towards commercial, so if it is an office washroom or something like that, those tend to be a little bit better in that regard. The click systems you will commonly find in houses, where say you do the whole main floor and you wanted to flow the flooring right into the bathroom, you don’t ever have to worry about that kind of thing because it is 100% water proof.

         From there, there is a couple of other different types of products. So one is an imitation tile and it is basically a tile that is very similar to a porcelain or a ceramic tile but it’s made out of a composite of vinyl and limestone and those don’t get as cold, they are a lot more flexible than a regular tile, and they are a lot more easy to install. But they do end up looking like and feeling like a ceramic or porcelain tile and they do allow you to add grout so you can get the same look as a ceramic or porcelain tile.

         Those have been quite popular because they allow you to not dig into your existing floor because many people have linoleum in their bathroom and they want to put something on top. This allows you to put a grout-able tile on top of your old floor without having to rip everything out, add more subfloor, put an anti-fracture membrane, all that kind of stuff you have to do with a ceramic or a porcelain tile. 

Painters Calgary | BWPL uses products that are VOC compliant (volatile organic compound-compliant), which means you can rest assured that your family and pets will be safe when replenishing your homes’ opulence.

In short, problems that may arise from not properly maintaining your home can become a huge headache, cause you a great deal of time and money. BWPL aims to curb this vastly under looked area by simply educating people on the benefits of Calgary Residential Painting, interior, and exterior painting Calgary.