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Painting in Calgary | Learning About a Calgary Painter’s Process

Painting in Calgary | How to get a quote from an established Calgary painting company and helpful things you need to know before your painters arrive for the big day.

Bow West Painting Ltd. (BWPL) was founded by Calgary painter Steven Stewart after years of working in and around the Calgary Area on different painting crews.

Steve found that there were deficiencies in a lot of the companies he was working for. It was clear to him that he would be able to offer a better and different level of customer service. That’s when his idea to start BWPL was born. It’s been twenty years of serving as one of the longest standing painting companies in Calgary.

When Bow West Painting Ltd is contacted by a customer in need of Calgary professional painting services for their home, owner Steve Stewart is the man you will be talking to. From the moment you get in touch with Steve, he will be supporting you through your painting project. 

BWPL endeavours to educate you on how the Calgary home painting process is professionally done. Asking you questions like, “Are you simply looking for a painting refresh? Are you reinvigorating your homes’ current colour and vibrant appeal that it once had? Or, are you looking for something more of a complete colour re-arrangement that will shift the entire dynamic of your home and aesthetic appeal that you’ve had for a long time?”

Steve likes you to know what you can expect when the team arrives. Perhaps you are starting fresh with new pictures on different walls, accompanied with new drapes. Do you like the colour of your trim? Painting your homes’ trim will give the paint on your walls an enhanced appeal, rejuvenating the once darker areas of the home.

As a Calgary interior painter, Steve also inquires about the colour of your doors. Because he knows how much of a difference this can truly make. There are unlimited high quality paint colours for you to choose from. It’s an absolute breeze to have a professional available to help you with the various options and what is best suitable to pair with the current paint of your home and it can make the world of a difference.

Is your kitchen old and outdated? Bow West Painting has a solution to give your kitchen a sleek and modern appeal. Simply ask Steve and he will be more than happy to help you with  ideas that can turn your old kitchen into your new kitchen. Many people choose to engage Calgary kitchen cabinet painters to give a fresh look to their kitchen as opposed to buying new cabinets. If however, our clients wish to buy new cabinets we recommend they consider getting in touch with someone who really has a good deal of kitchen cabinet experience.

These are all questions Bow West Painting asks during the initial consult to get a greater vision of the project and what the highest possibilities may be.


Painting in Calgary | The Process in getting a quote from BWPL

Painting in Calgary | After having mutually decided on a good time for your schedule, Steve will show up at your home or business to assess your job and provide you a quote. He will inspect your walls and ceilings to quote the coverage area your are interested in having painted, He also checks to see if your ceilings have been painted before. Steve always knows if something hasn’t been done properly. Before moving on to measurements, BWPL ensures all paint issues you have with your home have been addressed. Steve has a very keen eye for these things.

Next, the height of your walls will then be assessed. Precise measurements will be taken into consideration for paint volume requirements. A few additional specifications are required for BWPL to accurately quote your home or business’s new paint job. If your smaller nooks and crannies are in need of a revitalization Steve will let you know. He considers bathrooms, closets, pantry’s, or even floor painting. All of these items, need to be carefully taken into consideration for the most accurate measurements. So that your next project is on budget and on time.

The time it takes from initial consultation and measurements from BWPL arriving at your home  to the producing of a quote that will arrive directly to your email is usually same-day, but no longer than 24 hours. 

Then BWPL assess how long the job is going to take. Steve wants to make sure to tackle the  highest traffic areas of your home first.  It’s all about you getting back to normal living as soon as possible.

Painting in Calgary | Steve always says “We aim to get your living back to normal as fast as possible with minimal disruption.”

Painting in Calgary | BWPL usually determines where they are going to start painting during the initial walkthrough. Customers will have a pretty good idea of what is going to be accessible in their homes for the next day or two. Depending of course upon the project size.

How to prepare for the big day the painters arrive

Painting in Calgary | Many people have questions regarding “What to do before the painters arrive?”  It is common to expect to remove pictures from your walls without hanging them back up until the paint cures . Are you able to move your furniture on your own? If you are an older senior living alone, BWPL will move your furniture for you. Sometimes even younger single people do not have the means to move heavy items such as china cabinets, couches, desks, drawers, treadmills, and so on. If a challenge such as this arrises BWPL has you covered.

They will move all of your heavy furniture items away from the wall, towards the centre of the room, and cover everything up with plastic poly so that no dust or paint gets on your valuable belongings.

If BWPL is doing the closets of your home they ask that you empty your closets out and place all items from the closet onto your bed. If this is not possible for you they will be more than happy to give you a hand with it. Another recommendation is that you remove all loose hanging items away from your walls, such as pictures, drapes, blinds, ornaments, plants.

Painting in Calgary | When Painting Begins

BWPL always masks off where they begin sanding and painting. Sealing up the room for dust particles and masking off where the job site will be. They also mask the trim after it has been finished so that you have a perfect line every time.

High quality paint is always used to give you the colour and sheet protection that you are looking for with every room.

Eggshell coating gives you a water resistant coating that will ensure if there is any spillage on the walls the water will not absorb.

If starting with trim, they will begin by masking off the windows with tape and paper. Plastic poly overtop of any of your appliances that may be in the area so that the paint only goes where it is supposed to be, and not on your family appliances.

When revamping the look of your home, it is also important to consider what home appliances might cost to better suit your homes brand new paint job. We spoke to Jeff at Jeromes Appliance Gallery in Calgary to find out what some of the most sought after kitchen appliance brands are in Calgary.

“Miele dishwashers are very popular right now, Wolf Range hoods are also popular for premium level products. If we are to switch into popular Mainstream products, brands like Cafe, Fisher and Paykel are also also highly sought after in Calgary.”

Jeff at Jeromes Appliance Gallery

We then asked Jeff what is the average cost for Calgary homeowners looking to get a complete revamp of kitchen appliances.

“I would have to say there are 3 levels, our entry line packages typically cost around $10,000. I would say the bulk of our customers are kind of in the $20,000 level. Now that covers a wide range of people, anybody who wants fairly nice appliances are going to be in this range. We have some customers that will spend $50,000 or more for top end stuff”

Jeff at Jeromes Appliance Gallery

Painting in Calgary | What to expect when hiring Calgary professional painters

When hiring Calgary professional painters one should expect the painting crew to be clean, organized, on time, and properly ensuring your home and personal belongings are well taken care of.

“If it seems too good to be true it usually is.” say’s Steve, owner of BWPL. “If a painting contractor tells you 3 days to complete a job that looks like it should take 7, it is probably not the team you wish to hire.”



Painting in Calgary | It is important to know, paint takes 20 days to cure. After painting your home or business BWPL will ask you not to hang anything on the walls for 20 days.

Electrical outlet plates and light switch plates are included in the “do not place on wall” list for a minimum of 20 days as well.

If anything were to be placed on your newly painted walls, this could result in sticky uncured paint adhering to your pictures & decorative ornaments. Thus, ruining your brand new paint job.

Occasional spillage of liquids onto the walls during the paint curing period are a note for concern as well. If this unfortunate circumstance happens to you after recently having your home or business interior painted, BWPL recommends that you leave the spill alone for the 20 day curing period. A wonderful product called Fantastik, an all purpose cleaner, will do an amazing job of removing any stain that may have been left from an accidental spillage. Simply spray Fantastik on a dry cloth or paper towel and wipe the stained area of your wall and this will completely remove the stain.


One of the main questions BWPL gets when a potential customer calls is, “Is there going to be an odour during and after painting?” Typically no, BWPL mostly uses latex products. There is a small amount of odour that some people can not handle, but in most cases this paint does not bother the majority of BWPL customers.

BWPL uses Low VOC paint. Unlike older more traditional paint, low VOC paint is more environmentally friendly and tends to have less of an odour. This keeps family and pets much safer in comparison to the higher concentrated paint used in the past. Understanding a Calgary Painters process prior to hiring a Calgary painting company is important. It helps you as the home owner to realize what is truly involved in having a professional painting company attend your home. Whether looking for Calgary interior painting or Calgary exterior painting BWPL makes the process transparent and simple.