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Calgary House Painters | When to Paint Your Home

Calgary house painters understand giving your home a fresh coat of paint can be quite the undertaking, but there are times when it’s definitely worth the work you have to put in. We have some suggestions on when it’s a good idea to paint your house.

Thinking About Selling?

For homes that are on the market or about to go up for sale, a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference. A very common design trick to make a room look bigger is to paint it a lighter color. This is especially true if the room has a dark trim or dark paint. Little bathrooms look much larger when painted bright colors, such as white.

For interior painting Calgary projects, cover up blemishes and wear with a fresh coat of paint. By doing so, the home looks clean, inviting and market ready. For the exterior of the house, a fresh professional paint job by Calgary house painters helps to show off the best features of a property. A newly painted home is inviting and is the surest way to boost curb appeal. In fact, according to, homes that do not look nice on the outside are shown less than homes that have a good exterior presence.

If you are selling a home, it’s definitely a good idea to have a professional Calgary house painter do the work. The new fresh paint helps raise the value and attracts potential buyers.

Renovations and Preservation

There are plenty of reasons to paint your home, but preservation may top that list. Paint is an amazing buffer against weather. Hot summers dry out wood, and cold, wet winters are harsh on homes. How do you help protect your home? A professionally painted home is much better equipped to stand up to tough weather. Correctly applying paint helps to seal the wood and preserve it. Think about a leaking roof — it only takes a small hole in the roof’s shingles to cause major water damage. The same is true with siding.

There is more to painting a home than just applying the paint. There is all of the repair and prep work that goes into a professional paint job. How long will even the best paint stick to a board that was not cleaned or primed before the paint is applied? Not long in winter,  and in summer the paint is likely to blister and crack. So hire a professional to make sure the job gets done right.

A good paint job helps to preserve your home against the elements. A home is one of the largest investments and assets that we can own. It just makes sense to care for it the best way possible, and painting your home is caring for your home. We recommend using products such as Cloverdale Paint and Sherwin-Williams.

When Should You Not Paint?

Some considerations when painting may not be a good idea or perhaps not the best choice of caring for a home. If your home is brick, you may consider not painting it although there are some beautifully painted brick homes around. Once painted it is nearly impossible to remove the paint and even if you were able to remove the paint, the brick would be changed.

Painting Over Wood Trimming

Not every surface in a home requires paint. If you have beautiful woodwork,  then consider staining or oiling it rather than painting it. Painting should always be about improving or preserving the wood and other materials.

How can Bow West Painting help you improve or preserve the beauty of your home? Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to tell you.